Geologic Map of Minnesota - Quaternary Geology, (MGS Map S-1), 1982

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Section 1 Overview
Originator Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS) and Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo)
Title Geologic Map of Minnesota - Quaternary Geology, (MGS Map S-1), 1982
Abstract This layer describes the general distribution of surficial sediments in Minnesota, as delineated and classified by the Minnesota Geological Survey. It is a digital version of the Minnesota Geological Survey State Map Series Map S-1 (Geologic Map of Minnesota: Quaternary Geology), 1982, by H.C. Hobbs and J.E. Goebel. (1:500,000). The digital file was created by scanning the 1:500,000-scale paper map and then converting the scanned image into an Arc/INFO polygon coverage. In 2008 MGS converted the original linework to a shapefile format and added more descriptive fields based on the Quaternary Geology Code. File geodatabase format was created for the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.
Purpose To produce a general descriptive layer of quaternary (surficial) geology for the state.
Time Period of Content Date 1982
Currentness Reference Map was delineated in 1982 based on the information available at the time.
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency Unknown
Spatial Extent of Data Minnesota, Statewide
Bounding Coordinates -97.5
Place Keywords Minnesota, MN, Statewide
Theme Keywords geoscientificInformation, Geology, Surficial Geology, Quaternary Geology, Glacial Geology, Subsurface
Theme Keyword Thesaurus ISO 19115 Topic Category
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints Credit given to the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office.

Redistribution Conditions from MnGeo: In obtaining these data, it is understood that you and/or your organization have the right to use them for any internal purpose. If you modify them, you should document those changes in a metadata record that should accompany all redistributed data.
Contact Person Information Richard S. Lively, Geologic Information Systems
Minnesota Geological Survey
2609 Territorial Road
St. Paul, MN  55114
Phone: 612-626-3103
Browse Graphic None available
Associated Data Sets Map: 'Geologic Map of Minnesota: Quaternary Geology', Minnesota Geological Survey Map S-1, 1982, J.C. Hobbs and J.E. Goebel, is the basis for this data layer.

For a complete listing of MGS State Map Series Maps, Reports, and GIS Data, see

U of M Digital Conservancy information on this map is at

Section 2 Data Quality
Attribute Accuracy Not available
Logical Consistency Not available
Completeness Coverage is complete over the state.
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Not available
Vertical Positional Accuracy Not applicable
Lineage The map: 'Geologic Map of Minnesota: Quaternary Geology', Minnesota Geological Survey Map S-1, 1982, J.C. Hobbs and J.E. Goebel, is the basis for this data set.

The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) (formerly the Land Management Information Center - LMIC) created the original GIS data products. The original GIS file was created by scanning the 1:500,000-scale paper map and converting the scanned image to an Arc/INFO polygon coverage. The Quaternary Geology Code information from the map was manually added to the data set and check. The Arc/INFO polygon coverage was later converted from single precision, NAD27, shifted, to double precision, NAD83 unshifted, using the Arc 'PROJECT' command. (Filename: mnsg83.e00).

The Minnesota Geological Survey converted the coverage to a shapefile and in 2008 added further descriptive fields based on the QGEOCODE. (Filename: s1pgcolor).

Both files were imported into file geodatabase format in 2015 for inclusion in the Mn Geospatial Commons.

Lineage of grid version: Arc Scanned version (NAD27) was converted into a state 40-acre EPPL file; the file then georeferenced, projected to NAD83, and converted to MGC100 format. This format is no longer being distributed.

Section 3 Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4 Coordinate System
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme Universal Transverse Mercator
UTM Zone Number 15E
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units meters

Section 5 Attributes
Overview s1pgcolor is the quaternary geology polygon file created by MGS in 2008 with additional attribution added to the coding in the mngs83 polygon file.

mngs83 (poly, arc, tic, and label) is the original Arc/Info coverage file created by LMIC in 1985. Coding is the original attribute coding from the map.

QGEOCODE values should be the same for both files, but the s1pgcolor has the newer, more complete attribute coding and is the file recommended for use. Coding for the s1pgcolor file is described under Table Detail.
Detailed Citation
Table Detail:
s1pgcolor - Map S-1 Quaternary Geology polygon file with expanded attributes (Minnesota Geological Survey)
Field NameValid ValuesDefinitionDefinition Source
ESRI Internal FieldESRI Internal Field
ESRI Internal Field
ESRI Internal Field
GeometryESRI Internal Field
Area of polygonESRI Internal Field
Perimeter of polygonsESRI Internal Field
ESRI Internal Identifier
ESRI Internal Identifier
QGEOCODEenumeratedQuaternary Geology Code (Map Unit Code)Minnesota Geological Survey
MMine pits and dumps (Holocene)
HPPeat (Holocene)
HALAlluvial (Holocene)
TDTerraces (Holocene to Pleistocene)
COColluvium (Holocene to Pleistocene)
DELLake-Modified Till (Des Plaines Lobe --Erskine Moraine
DEGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe - Erskine Moraine)
DESStagnation Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Erskine Moraine)
DSLLake-Modified Till (Des Moines Lobe--Big Stone Moraine)
DSGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Big Stone Moraine)
DSSStagnation Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Big Stone Moraine)
DCLLake-Modified Till (Des Moines Lobe--Culver Moraine)
DCGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Culver Moraine)
DCEEnd Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Culver Moraine)
DHGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Sugar Hills Moraine)
DHEEnd Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Sugar Hills Moraine)
DAGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Altamont Moraine)
DASStagnation Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Altamont Moraine)
DPGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Pine City Moraine)
DPEEnd Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Pine City Moraine)
DBGGround Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Bemis Moraine)
DBEEnd Moraine (Des Moines Lobe--Bemis Moraine)
DBTShale-Bearing Loess (Des Moines Lobe--Bemis Moraine)
DOOutwash-Undivided as to Moraine Association
DLASand and Gravel (Glacial Lake Sediment--Undivided as to Moraine)
DLSSilt and Fine Sand (Glacial Lake Sediment--Undivided as to Moraine)
DLCClay and Clayey Silt (Glacial Lake Sediment--Undivided as to Moraine)
SNGGround Moraine (Superior Lobe--Nickerson Moraine)
SNEEnd Moraine (Superior Lobe--Nickerson Moraine)
SCGGround Moraine (Superior Lobe--Cloquet Moraine)
SCSStagnation Moraine (Superior Lobe--Cloquet Moraine)
SMGGround Moraine (Superior Lobe--Mille Lacs-Highland Moraine)
SMEEnd Moraine (Superior Lobe--Mille Lacs-Highland Moraine)
SSGGround Moraine (Superior Lobe--Mille Lacs-Highland Moraine)
SSEEnd Moraine (Superior Lobe--Mille Lacs-Highland Moraine)
SOOutwash-Undivided as to Moraine Association
SLASand and Gravel (Glacial Lake Sediment)
SLCClay and Clayeye Silt (Glacial Lake Sediment)
RVGGround Moraine (Rainy Lobe--Vermillion Moraine)
RVEEnd Moraine (Rainy Lobe--Vermillion Moraine)
RNGGround Moraine (Rainly Lobe--Nashwauk Moraine)
RNSStagnation Moraine (Rainy Lobe--Nashwauk Moraine)
RSGGround Moraine (Raine Lobe--St. Croix Moraine)
RSEEnd Moraine (Rainy Lobe--St. Croix Moraine)
ROOutwash-Undivided as to Moraine Association
WIGGround Moraine (Wadena Lobe--Itasca Moraine)
WIEEnd Moraine (Wadena Lobe--Itasca Moraine)
WAGGround Moraine (Wadena Lobe--Alexandria Moraine)
WASStagnation Moraine (Wadena Lobe--Alexandria Moraine)
WOOutwash-Undivided as to Moraine Association
PRDRed Drift (Pleistocene, Pre-Wisconsinan)
PGDGray Drift (Pleistocene, Pre-Wisconsinan)
LRWeathering Residuum Over Bedrock (Pleistocene, Pre-Wisconsinan)
This field is no longer used.Minnesota Geological Survey
Descriptive information for the Map Unit CodeMinnesota Geological Survey
GLACIAL_LOenumeratedGlacial LobeMinnesota Geological Survey
Des Moines
LITHOLOGYenumeratedCurrent classification of the physical characteristics of the sedimentary materialMinnesota Geological Survey
calcareous till
clay and silt
mine workings
non-calcareous till
sand and gravel
silt and sand
LITHOLOGYHenumeratedOriginal lithologic classification of the material from Hobbs and GoebelMinnesota Geological Survey
TEXTURE_MOenumeratedTexture Modifier to further classify the lithology (Texture_Mod)Minnesota Geological Survey
Not applicable
GEOMORPH_AenumeratedGeomorphic (landform) associationMinnesota Geological Survey
end moraine
glacial lake
ground moraine
lake modified till
mine workings
stagnation moraine
weathering residuum
MORAINE_ASenumeratedMoraine association if availableMinnesota Geological Survey
Alexandria moraine
Altamont moraine
Bemis moraine
Big Stone moraine
Cloquet moraine
Culver moraine
Erskine moraine
Itasca moraine
Mille Lacs moraine
Nashwak moraine
Nickerson moraine
Pine City moraine
St. Croix moraine
Sug Hills moraine
Vermillion moraine
Not applicable
GLACIAL_STenumeratedGlacial stage if availableMinnesota Geological Survey
Early Wisconsinan
Late Wisconsinan
Not applicable
CARBONATEenumeratedGeneralized carbonate contentMinnesota Geological Survey
Highly calcareous
Moderately calcareous
Slightly calcareous
Not applicable
ENVIRONMENenumeratedEnvironment of depositionMinnesota Geological Survey
Not applicable
DEPOSIT_TYenumeratedDeposit typeMinnesota Geological Survey
Not applicable
AGEenumeratedGeneralized time of sediment depositionMinnesota Geological Survey
Last glaciation
Pre-last glacial
Not applicable
EROSIONenumeratedErosion characteristicsMinnesota Geological Survey

Section 6 Distribution
Publisher Minnesota Geological Survey
Publication Date 1985
Contact Person Information Richard S. Lively, Geologic Information Systems
Minnesota Geological Survey
2609 Territorial Road
St. Paul, MN  55114
Phone: 612-626-3103
Distributor's Data Set Identifier geos_quaternary_geology_mn (MGS State Map Series S-1)
Distribution Liability MnGeo's data disclaimer is online:
Ordering Instructions Primary distribution of PDF Map, GIS data, and supplementary information if through the University of Minnesota Libraries Digital Conservancy

GIS Data Distribution is also available through the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. See

Paper map product is available from the Minnesota Geological Survey Map Store (612) 626-2969.
Online Linkage I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will either begin the download process, link to a service, or provide more instructions. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7 Metadata Reference
Metadata Date 09/01/2015
Contact Person Information Richard S. Lively, Geologic Information Systems
Minnesota Geological Survey
2609 Territorial Road
St. Paul, MN  55114
Phone: 612-626-3103
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.2
Metadata Standard Online Linkage

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